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Who are we!

CAARD was launched in the Rwenzori region of Uganda in May 2014. The company was born from the desire to develop the exchange of knowledge at local, national and global levels in a reliable and ethical manner, and to promote informed decision-making.

Through our services, local and international clients can access the knowledge and skills that are necessary for carrying out research and training, academic and creative writing, translation, publication and software development.

Collaboration is key to our approach: we work as a team with organizations, individuals and local communities, establishing common objectives and developing capacity.Ethical methods, transparency, and respect for the environment, cultural values and individual rights form our core values.

Our Vision

 To advance evidence-based development agenda.

Our Mission

 To generate, produce and disseminate  knowledge that addresses the challenges confronting society.

Core objectives


  • To provide research consultancy services
  • To provide training short course training in research


  • To provide professional support to prepare various documents for individuals and organisations
  • To provide timely information and professional support in project grants/fundsproposal writing for NGOs.
  • To provide timely information and professional support in project grants/funds proposal writing for Universities (4b)
  • To prepare and publish the wisdom of elders series
  • To the produce autobiographies and family histories of individuals and families


  • To generate and publish books from dissertationsand theses.
  • To publish books written and submitted by interested authors.

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Dr. Muhumuza Moses
Dr. Muhumuza Moses
Managing Director

Dr. Muhumuza has a strong belief in the importance of our environment as the basis of human and economic development, and in community-based conservation as the way forward. Following an MSc in Biology (specialising in Natural Resource Management) at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda in 2006.

Dr. Fr. Christopher B Mukidi Acaali.
Dr. Fr. Christopher B Mukidi Acaali.

Dr. Mukidi's interests lie in the development of education, and the traditional languages and knowledge of Uganda. He is engaged in recording individual and community histories, translation and publication. Through CAARD he aims to bring the best of local experience into the schools of today, with the ambition of founding printing facilities in Fort Portal which is also a future initiative of CAARD.

Annette Islei
Annette Islei

Annette Islei's interests lie in writing, research and education. She first worked in Africa as a lecturer in English (University of Benin, Nigeria,1977-78) and Language Arts (University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 1978-82). In 2006 she took a sabbatical from employment in the UK, and taught English Language in the School of Education, Mountains of the Moon University, Uganda.


Ms Biira Miriam
Administration and finance
Mr. Ainebyona Peter
Head of Documentation Department
Ms Kabarwani Angella
Systems Administrator
Mr. Muhemba Ismail
Marketing Officer
Mr. Amanya Kwebiiha Taddeo
Head of Publication Department
Mr. Mugenyi Kenneth
Mr. Mutabigwa Joseph
Head of Research Department and Operations Manager
Ms Namara Juliet
Marketing Officer
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