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Documentation involves technical preparation of text or audio or video files. Documentation is done by professionals whose field and work is documentation. Ideally, professionals in documentation have a background in both the subject matter and also in managing content (information architecture).

At CAARD, we are aware that documentation takes time and finely honed skills. We therefore collaborate with subject matter experts, such as engineers, technical experts, medical professionals, or other types of clients to define and then create content (documentation) that meets the user’s needs. We provide services such as drafting, formatting, submitting, reviewing, approving, distributing, reposting and tracking


We provide documentation services in the following:


  • Preparation of various documents such as:


  • Marketing communications where we endeavor to convey the company’s value proposition through a variety of print, electronic, and social media. This area of corporate writing is often engaged in responding to proposals.
  • Technical communication where we document a company’s product or service including user guides, installation and configuration manuals, and troubleshooting/repair/replace procedures.
  • Compliance documentation which involves documentation that codifies Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), for any regulatory compliance needs, as for safety approval, taxation, financing, and technical approval.
  • Grant/funds proposal writing for Businesses, NGos and Universities)

Writing a successful grant proposal takes a great deal of knowledge, skill, and experience. While many organizations attempt to handle the grant writing process in-house with existing staff, an investment in a professional grant writer will pay off with more grants won and less distraction from the day-to-day work of your organization.We help organizations spend less time in endless meetings discussing what the proposal should be like, and writing a proposal that is a mismatch of parts. We get that proposal to you early enough for a thorough review and revisions and then to the funder by the deadline.Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Gaining the valuable experience, insight, and expertise of grant writers with a track record of winning grants.
  • Relieving your staff of the time consuming work to put together a grant proposal.
  • Eliminating the last minute rush and stress of putting together grant proposals.
  • Submitting professional, comprehensive grant proposals that will make a favorable impression on grant reviewers.

We have knowledge the quirks of many funders and various systems, and the ins and outs of outs of the application system. You can have free access to our shortlisted funders from here. List of funding organisations and Institutions

  • Autobiographies and family histories

An autobiography and family history is a written account of your life and family. It is told from the ones own point of view. Here are the advantages of writing an autobiography:

  • You will leave a legacy – your story.
  • You can speak directly across time to your descendants.
  • You will help protect the history of your family.
  • You may inspire someone else with your story.
  • It opens the door to reconcile open issues from your past.
  • It forces you to develop more self-discipline.
  • You will get ideas to improve yourself.
  • It strengthens your sense of purpose in your later years.
  • You will increase self awareness and understanding of yourself.
  • Your own sense of well being grows.


  • Wisdom of elders

We cannot ignore the reality that increasing age often brings illness, frailty, and diminished energy. As the potential of one’s ageless spirit awakens, maybe such late life learning could be labeled wisdom. The American Heritage Dictionary defines wisdom as “understanding of what is true, right or lasting … common sense, sagacity, good judgment” (1969, 1469). Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary adds, “ability to discern inner qualities and relationships” (1981, 1335). Certainly living a long life is fertile ground for nurturing such accumulated learning. Many cultures have revered elders and have elevated their status as the carriers of the tenets of wise living, teachers of good judgment, and insights to the young.


At CAARD, we document the wisdom of elders of men and women of 60 years and above. The purpose is to document the experiences of elders from which other people can learn. This is seen as a practical opportunity to write down knowledge and experiences of elders which could potentially be useful in addressing current society problems.


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