List of funding

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Education Scholarships

Funding organization/Institution Level
1.        Mwalimu Nyerere African Union Scholarship Scheme  Masters & PhD
2.        Pan African University  Masters & PhD
3.        Obama Foundation Scholars  Masters
4.        University Antwerp  Masters
5.        Zawadi Africa  Bachelors
6.        Mandela Institute for Development studies (MINDS)
7.        Common Wealth  Masters
8.        Gulu University Uganda  Master s
9.        Common wealth scholarship scheme

Grants for NGOs&CBOs

Funding Organisation/Institution Focus Areas  
1.        Hivos Agriculture, Food and nutrition security, Crop and seed diversity
2.        KIOS foundation Human rights campaigning, lobbying and advocacy, human rights monitoring and documentation , human rights awareness raising and education, legal aid, capacity building, access to justice, networking,
3.        Sida Training program on :

–          Access to sexual and reproductive health

–          Sexual education

–          Creating awareness for SRHR

4.       Global Youth   Empowerment Fund Youth led community projects/ enterprises.
5.        Welcome foundation; Public Engagement Fund Health Research
6.        Fire Africa Grants ICT access
7.        US embassy in Uganda Entrepreneurship mentor-ship

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Subscription rates


Monthly                        UGX. 10,000

6 Months                      UGX. 50,000

12 Months                    UGX. 100,000


Monthly                         UGX. 20,000

6 Months                       UGX. 100,000

12 Months                     UGX. 180,000

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